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Functional, Appealing

Breath new life into your current decking or have new decking built.

Your deck provides an excellent place to host parties, spend time with the kids or just sit and relax but not if it’s an eyesore. Don’t let the worn down, loose, or warped wood deprive you of such joys. Western Property Services has the skills and experience necessary to rebuild or repair your deck to restore it to its former glory.

Top-Quality Products

Western Property Services is passionate about building and repairing a decks so they can be enjoyed safely for years to come. Worn out wood can become unsightly or even down right embarrassing. Even worse, the weakened state of the wood can become dangerous. Western Property Services believes in building only the strongest and safest decks for you and your family to enjoy using solid material like galvanized hardware and pressure-treated lumber. 

Competitive Pricing

As is always the case with Western Property Services, we strive to bring you the best prices you can get. Combined with our appreciation for detail and depth of experience, we know you’ll be satisfied with your new or repaired deck. We build it as if our own children would be playing on it, Western Property Services stands by their work.


We’ve been in this industry a long time, we’ve seen the way other contractors cut corners on materials in order to squeeze another penny or two in profits. We care deeply about our reputation and believe in being straightforward with our customers. We want them to trust in the work and services we provide. We never compromise on quality and always provide five star quality services.

We care for your property like our own

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