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As roofing contractors, our workmanship and service is our reputation. Every roof installation we complete is an advertisement for Western Property Services which is why we place so much focus and attention and every single roof. There are many roofers who are capable of installing your new roof but a good roofing company has brings qualities and experience to the table that others do not. We ensure that our roof installations are completed correctly the first time but we also understand that you need a contractor that will be around to warranty any future issues that may arise.

Experienced, Professional Roofers

Our highly skilled and experienced team installs your roof with the same care and attention they would their own. Re-roofing can be a major hassle in your daily life which is why our team strives to make the entire process as easy as possible on you and your family.

Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used residential roofing material. The variety of shingle roof types, options, and colors means you can find the right look for you home, no matter the style you have in mind. We’re glad to provide our knowledge and experience to suggest the types and colors that will stand the test of time, remain low-maintenance and add beauty to your home. 

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